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Pink Ribbon 2016_Rosa Sløyfe 2016
welcome to my world
If you enjoy what you see, welcome, if you don´t, thank you for visiting and move on.
I´m a 57 year oldy living on the Norwegian country side with my husband and work full time as a financial officer at an insurance company

Are you looking at beautiful pictures online or in Magazines and wish you could do the same? I am.

But, i am quite hopeless in decorating, so if you are like me, maybe you will pick up some tips on how i do things.

love to take pictures, but i have no style and i am "all over the place". but it is great fun and the only way to get better is to practice.

by the way, all pictures are by me, if i post a picture that´s not mine, i will mark that clearly.

we live a very ordinary country life, so you are welcome to take a look at our refurbishing and my way of decorating, cooking, baking and my kitchen towels and bowls.

i am brand new at this blogging, so please be patient with me.
again, welcome to a bit of my world & enjoy.
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