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Box Signs

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I think Box Signs are super to decorate with, it´s like they add a little extra without being too big or too small. But to find the ones you really like, now that isn´t always easy.

So this year with the help from my husband, I can design my own.

My husband make the boxes out of plywood. I can ask for any size I would like to have. The boxes are stapled and glued together. Then we sand them and painted the first examples white. When the paint has dried, they are sanded again until quite smooth.

A few months ago we invested in a Silhouette Cameo machine. This one is superb for all sorts of letters, pictures and I don´t even know a fraction this machine can do. My husband decorate his own t-shirts and they are so cool and he is the one that do the printing.

Anyway, my first 2 designs is Easter related and I think they came out quite ok.

Of course one had to be kitchentowelsandotherbowls.

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