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Cake Sprinkles For Easter

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Cake Sprinkles is in my opinion superb for decorating different type of cakes. Cup cakes, Chocolate cakes, Sponge cakes, Danish, Cookies and so on. It´s your imagination that limits the use I think.

When I grew up I can remember two types of sprinkles awailable in the stores and I can´t remember anyone complaining about that, It´s just the way it was. One was chocolate and one was colorful like the rainbow. Today it seems there isn´t any limit of what you can buy.

But what is Cake Sprinkles and what are they made of? Have you thought about that?

I haven´t until I noticed the colors of some of my sprinkle boxes I came across looking for something else.

According to Wikipedia, Sprinkles are are very small pieces of confectionery used as a decoration or to add texture to desserts such as brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts or ice cream. The tiny candies are produced in a variety of colors and are generally used as a topping or a decorative element.

What consumers often call "sprinkles" covers several types of candy decorations that are sprinkled randomly over a surface, as opposed to decorations that are placed in specific spots.

Nonpareils, confetti, silver, gold, and pearl dragées – not to be confused with pearl sugar (which is also sprinkled on baked goods) – and hundreds-and-thousands are all used this way, along with a newer product called "sugar shapes" or "sequins". These latter come in a variety of shapes, often flavored, for holidays or themes, such as Halloween witches and pumpkins, or flowers and dinosaurs. Candy cane shapes may taste like peppermint, and gingerbread men like gingerbread cookies.

Sanding sugar is a transparent crystal sugar of larger size than general-use refined white sugar. Crystal sugar tends to be clear and of much larger crystals than sanding sugar. Pearl sugar is relatively large, opaque white spheroids of sugar. Both crystal and pearl sugars are typically used for sprinkling on sweet breads, pastries, and cookies in many countries.

Sprinkles generally require frosting, ice cream, or some other sort of sticky material in order to stick to the desired food surface. They can be most commonly found on smaller confections such as cupcakes or frosted sugar cookies, as these generally have more frosting and smaller diameter than do cakes.

And what are they made of? Are rainbow sprinkles, those brightly colored additions to the icing on the cake, made from hopes, dreams and unicorn farts?

Unfortunately, even though I love the above, sprinkles are made of sugar, cornstarch, cocoa and an emulsifier.

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