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Decorating Cushion Covers

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I love cushions, and whenever I can afford to buy a beautiful embroidered cover for the Seasons, I´m super happy. But as I think a lot of them are very expensive, I decided to try and "spice up" some of my covers that was lying in the drawer.

I am not a handy woman either, can´t do embroidery, can´t knit and I just do basics on a sewing machine. Then I came across something called iron on. Together with cheap or discounted cushion covers I can make my own style.

It all started with this Happy Holidays iron on I had and a plain cushion cover that didn´t fit in.

Think it looks super cute.

I order my iron-on from eBay. Can´t find any large ones here in Norway. On the striped on below I also did sew on a few buttons and painted the eyes, nose, moth and the "stitching" around the snowmen with a pen suitable for fabric.

Whenever it is time to decorate for Christmas, I mix together store bought cushions with the ones I have "made" myself. So far I have only been doing this for Christmas.

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