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Decorating With Rusty Tins

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I had four (4) rusty tins that I wanted to use, but I had no idea what to do with them. I look at craft ideas in Magazines and online, and wonder how on earth am I going to make something that is easy to do and doesn´t look to bad. It took me a loooong time before I finally figured out what to do with tem.

I really wanted to decorate them in a way that didn´t limit the use of them too much, like just for Christmas or Easter. I googled a lot to find inspiration and I have a few Magzines to look at. There are so many talented people out there making the most beautiful creations of rusty tins. Unfornately I am lazy and not creative at all and need things to be very easy.

Below are my four tins, I really liked the different "rustiness" on them and one of them are also a bit higher than the others. Perfect.

When I finally decided on how to decorate my tins, it didn´t take any time at all. I decided to glue on some iron-on patches I already had bought from ebay. I bought them from a seller Countrysinger:

I already had some grey sisal gras to put in the tins. Can´t remember where I bought that, but I´m sure you´ll find it at any craft store. As you can see, the patches I glued on doesn´t relate to a spesific season, so I think I may use them maybe year round.

Easter is the first Holiday coming up and I wanted to use som Easter Cards in the decor as well.

So there you are, four rusty tins decorated for Easter and it was so easy to do when I finally decided what to do.

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