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Easter Is Coming

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Easter 2019 is only a few weeks away and I have started to look into Easter decorations and what to do this year.

My Easter decorations used to be yellow tulips in a vase, maybe a pot with daffodils, yellow candles and that was it.

I didn´t have much Easter decor and I was Ok with that as my favorite Holiday is Christmas. But a couple of years ago, I came across some very cute bunnies and I started to look at Easter decorating.

For the last two years, winter has been long and hard here where we live. Winter 2017/2018 we had 6 months with snow. So far this winter, we are counting half into month five with snow.

So Easter has become synonymous with Spring for me, and Spring means warmer days (hopefully), sun and colors.

Yellow daffodils in pots are great. I came a cross some metal containers on sale and then I use some Easter Decorating Grass to decorate around the edge. That is easier than re-pot/plant the daffodils and looks better than nothing.

This year I also found Rae Dunn´s Happy Easter series as seen in the above picture on eBay and I love it. Can´t find Rae Dunn product anywhere here in Norway yet, so eBay is the place to buy them. I use the jug as flower vase and the canister will be filled with some yummy treats and the large mugs will be perfect for Easter cocoa.

I have some Cynthia Rowley colorful Easter towels also bought on eBay, and they will be displayed in the kitchen.

The metal canisters and the yellow striped towels on the picture above are all from . The brown hen in two different sizes I found at

So start to prepare for Easter. Find some bowls and towels you have, there is no need to buy new if you can´t afford that. Or do what I do, visit second hand shops. You really don´t need much either. Maybe all you need this year is some yellow ribbon to tie around your bowl, cheap decorating grass and spend your bucks on flowers. And look forward to Easter 2019.

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