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Flour Sack Towels

I love Flour Sack Towels. Unfornately I can´t find these here in Norway, so I buy most of mine on eBay and USA. If you have never heard of them or tried them, here is a glimpse into the World of Flour Sack Towels.

Flour sack towels are called "flour sack" because they're modeled after the thin woven cotton bags that flour and grains used to be packed in, which then were re-used as towels. The thin cotton yarn and the looser weave makes this towels extra absorbent. (Google)

On I find this :

Although the name suggests otherwise, these vintage towels are not made from sacks, but constructed of very thin threads of cotton. Thinner than dish towels and heavier than cheesecloth, they are extremely durable, shrink-resistant, easy to store and have a clean, simple look, making them highly functional.

They are used for cooking, serving, cleaning and even crafting, they are embraced in homes and restaurants for their multitasking ability, and are a high-quality basic supply everyone should invest in (

Flour sacks have been used for generations. Use them for poaching, straining foods and covering foods. Cheese making, dehydrating fruits, and even keeping salads fresh for hours.

They are lint free and soft. They are also great for polishing furniture and staining wood because they leave no lint behind.

They are simply great for cleaning and drying dishes. They really are an all-purpose item.

I have a thing for the decorated ones. You will find a variety from the plain whites to beautiful prints covering all seasons, names, recipes etc. My very first Flour Sack Towels had Christmas Themes printed on them.

After Christmas prints, I started to buy towels with Easter motives, like bunnies.

I am on a constant lookout for new Flour Sack Towels. Many of them I simply look at as collectors items and I keep them stored in the plastic they are wrapped in. Others I use on a daily basis.

Flour Sack Towels are Fab gifts if you ask me. They are great for embroidery if you like that or you can do as I do, find some really cool iron-ons and "make" your own towels, like the one below I made for Christmas last year. Pretty cool as a gift also don´t you think ? Add some home baked cookies in a nice cellofane bag and done :)

I hope you enjoy this little taste of Flour Sack Towles and will be tempted to dig in and enjoy.

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