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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A new year is here and for many of us a New Year symbolizes new beginnings. It´s like, let us forget the not so good things from last year (and the past) and start all over again.

Not always easy as we carry with us the weight of the past, but I´m also convinced that any positive thinking has an impact on our lives and the roads we are following into the future.

2019 was hard on my physical health. I was diagnosed with severe osteoperosis and already I had fragile fractures, spine deformity and loss of height. I had problems dressing myself, walking, even sitting and lying in bed.

The pain has sometimes been almost unbearable, and still is, but now I receive treatment that gives quite good pain relief and has put the smile back on my face 😀 October the 20th is The Worlds Osteoperosis Day. Many people write off osteoperosis as "old Iadies disease", I know I did. I want you to be aware, spare a thought of your bone health and pay attention to potential risk factors.

As I haven´t had the strenght to go on our usual way of vacation. We stayed with family in New Jersey in October last year and we took a small road trip on Jacob´s Ladder Scenic Trail.

It was beautiful and the colors was breathtaking, just loved it.

To get there we drove via Long Island and stopped in East Hampton before taking a ferry back to the mainland.

My husband and I also took on a new hobby last year, making signs out of scrap wood if I can put it like that. I like to think that I "design" most of them, but my husband makes them. It may look easy, but I tell you, it is not. Really takes time to make them look "professional" and that is our goal. Below are some of the signs. I really love the "long" ones, they are my favourite.

My husband also made a very large wooden rustic sign for a family member. One of my sister in laws has started a new business from the farm she lives Husan Nordre. She was participating a Christmas Market up in Røros in the beginning of December last year and had her own stand. The sign was 2,4 meters long and it looked awesome, see for yourself.

Visit for more information on their products.

I hope I will gain enough strengt this year to be more active here on kitchentowelsandotherbowls. It is so rewarding learning new skills, at least the ones that challenge your creativity.

But most of all, I hope to spend more time with the ones I love and care for. And I wish the same for you.

Kickstart this new year with a good laugh. Treasure the ones you love, treasure every precious moment, belive, have faith and love.

Happy New Year !

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