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Happy Spring & Easter 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Next to Christmas, Spring & Easter is my favourite time of year. Temeratures is rising, snow is melting, the sun start to warm and the days are longer. It is time to bring out the colors.

There are 3 things that are my Spring/Easter favourites; Tulips, Scented Candles and of course Colorful Kitchentowels.

You have probably noticed that I am very fond of colors. Have to admit I didn´t know that I was until I looked at my pictures and realized the ones I liked the most has colors in them.

Tulips are never wrong in my opinion, I love these flowers and are looking forward to see them in the stores. You can get Tulips year round now, but for me they are special for Spring and Easter.

My Easter Bunny Girl in soft pastel colors goes well with colorful tulips in my Rae Dunn Easter Mug I think.

Longer days means less candle lights (wich I love during the winter), but it´s still nice to light some in the evenings. I´m a fan of scented candles and the ones below bought at an Interior Store has a soft scent of Coconut and Vanilla. I updated the "look" with some colored feathers and Jute string.

And it is also time to bring out the colorful kitchentowels if you have. I now look for cute towels often with some applique or embroidery on them. Remember to visit second hand stores, flea markets, garage sales and ebay, and you may come across beautiful towels. I always buy used/second hand if I have the possibility. I´m also always looking extra when the Sale starts.

Daffodils are another flower I love for Spring and Easter. They are so cute and they go so well with everything in my home.

If I can´t afford anything else than just 2-3 small pots with Daffodils they will light up any table or window. The small ones below was a perfect match to my rusty tins. This gives a more rustic look.

When serving breakfast or lunch during Easter, I think it is fun to serve the boild eggs in some colorful bowls (the ones below are from Mason Cash).

Add some shredded paper in the bowls and you have an instant effect. If the paper doesn´t get wet it can be reused again and again.

So I wish you Happy Spring & Easter 2020, hope you get inspired, have fun and enjoy life.


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