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I Collect Cookie Jars

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

For many years now I have been collecting Cookie Jars and my absolute favourite is Snowmen Cookie Jars. But I also have a few others, like the one below, a supercute Apple Lady Cookie Jar from Cracker Barell. I don´t collect just to put them in a cupboard or shelf, I actually use them.

Good quality Cookie Jars is very expensive and I buy most of them pre-owned if possible. As I think we spend to much on new things, I´ve been buying second hand/pre-owned for many years now. So far all of my Cookie Jars is bought in USA. I really do not know why I like these cookie jars better from others, because there are so many. But there is something about the look, details, colors and a little bit whimsy I think.

The Cookie Jar below is the very first Snowman Cookie Jar I bought. It is from Fitz & Floyd and the name is Sullivan The Snowman. I just loved the whimsy look of this one.

The next Cookie Jar I fell for, was this little Snowman Lady. Her cute look and colors is right up my alley and she is from Better Homes Collection.

Another cute Snowman Cookie Jar named Woodland Snowman from Fitz and Floyd.

Apart from the Cookie Jar, I also have a small bowl and Salt & Pepper Shakers from The Stocking Stuffer Santa Collection from Fitz & Floyd.

A very cute Cookie Jar with snowmen " cookies" on it from Hallmark & a smaller jar with a glass bowl tummy.

Cutest glass bowl tummy Snowmen Cookie Jars.

Gingerbread Snowman with glass bowl tummy.

Christmas Cookie Jars, and one with a Snowman head on the lid.

Christmas Snowman Cookie Jar

Tracy Porters Jolly Ol´ Snowman Cookie Jar is breathtakingly beautiful and stand 13 inch high.

This Snowman Cookie Jar from Blue Sky Clayworks is just stunning.

Very Cute little Snowman Cookie Jar that came with two mugs, perfect for Hot Cocoa.

Finally I have a couple of Cookie Jars that isn´t Christmas related, like the Fitz & Floyd Bunny Blossom Cookie Jar below.

My Apple Lady Cookie Jar from Cracker Barell.

My Granny Cookie Jar from Fitz & Floyd, she is well used and still going strong.

Cookie Jars are also great gifts. I have given away Cookie Jars to my family members for birthdays and Christmas so everyone in my family now has one. Probably not the most exciting thing to find under the Christmas tree or unwrap for your birthday when you are a young boy or girl, but I think that they will appriciate this when they grow up and start their own family one day.

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