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Kitchentowels & Bowls I

So finally I´ve started to display and take pictures of my towels & bowls. I´m trying to improve my photography skills, and my decorating skills too, so this is a great excercise.

Last time I visited Walmart, I bought two small bowls from the Pioneer Woman´s Collection. I have a bundle of kitchentowels as well, so I tried to find the ones that matched these bowls the best.

As you can see, I´m using the same background during this shoot. It is the towels & the bowls and some other decor that changes. Quite fun to do it like this. Below are a couple of blue and white small Mason Cash bowls, in the background you see blue and white striped kitchentowels.

I also have the same Mason Cash bowls in red and white, and below is how they came out. Decided to use a couple of kitchentowels from Cath Kidston. She has so many over the top cute towels, just love them.

Emma Bridgewater is also a favourite with me. Pricy unfornately, so I don´t have much from her collections. But I do have two really funny kitchentowels with chickens on them and 3 canisters. They are super for storing treats for easter.

I came across Thornback and Peel on ebay and just loved the designs they have. They are just so cool. Apart from the kitchentowels , I also have cake tins and some smaller canisters.

Have you heard about Cooksmart Products ? They have so many cool designs. You´ll often find kitchentowels, cake tins, potholders, aprons, tablerunners etc Below are my absolute favourite so far. Superb for Easter, I have a Gisela Graham pitcher that I think goes perfect with the Cooksmart hen design.

Lucky Me, I have a very old cake tin made of wood. I bought it used and I love the color and details. Craftmanship from the old days.

So, this was my first post of kitchentowels & bowls, hope you get inspired. I am full of admiration of decoraters, they do a fantastic job. It is really difficult to do this, but great practice.

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