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Linen Towels

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

If you want a little luxury in the kitchen, pure linen towels is what you want.

And yes, I know they can be very pricy, but they will also last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them. I always look for linen towels when shopping and you can find really good quality ones on sale.

Above is a red and white gingham linen towel. It goes very well together with my red pot from Le Creuset But did you know that if you wrap your bread in a linen towel, it keeps the bread crust crispy and the bread soft and moist a lot longer. Try it the next time you make a bread or buy your favourite.

I am so lucky to have a couple of bath towles in linen as well and I love them. I don´t have that many pure linen towels for my kitchen, but I use the ones I have a lot, because they are durable, decorative, soft and very absorbent.

And many of them are superb just for display. Want to show off? You can´t go wrong with a linen towel in your kitchen. Unless you and your friends are designer fanatics, don´t bother to spend a small fortune on handmade linen towels. You will find so many affordable ones that are superb.

I have a few interior stores that often have great linen towels and they are very affordable. Since I´m addicted to kitchen towels, linen towels may also be on my wish list for birthdays and Christmas.

They are also perfect gifts if you ask me. Don´t know what to give to someone that "have everything" ? Well, instead of a bottle of wine, chocolate or flowers, why not give away a nice linen kitchen towel. Today, there are so much focus on interior and the kitchen is as important as any other room, so good quality towels should be a perfect gift. If you are uncertain of what color to give away, stick with the natural linen color.

Pure linen towels are also biodegradable and recyclable. That is because linen is made from cellulose fibers from flax plants. They are more durable than cotton.

Today you can get linen towels in almost every color you want, so it is very easy to color coordinate if that is important to you. From the blackest black to the purest white and everything in between.

I like the more rustic look, like country and framhouse style. For me that used to mean most of my linen towels are in different shades of linen color ( beige) . But now I look for more colored towels, they fit perfectly with my bowls from Mason Cash and Le Creuset plates and cups.

I have a lot of kitchen towels as you may have noticed. But I give away a lot to my local charity shop and a few times I have sold some private online. Some are used and some may be brand new. I´m constant on the lookout for kitchen towels and from time to time I need to do an inventory. I do not follow trends and I can not explain why I like one kitchen towel over another.

When I look back on my first encounters with linen kitchen towels and how they have evolved into what´s awailable today, I´m pretty sure you will fall in love too after you buy your first pure linen towel.

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