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Linvilla Orchards

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I always wanted to visit a Pumpkin Patch, we don´t have anything like that here in Norway. And in 2014 I got to visit Linvilla Orchards. They are so much more than a pumpkin patch, with a Garden Center, Farm Market, Swim Club and a lot of different things to do.

The day we visited was a beautiful day, clear blue sky and a very nice temperature in October. I felt like a little girl, wanted to jump in the hey together with all the other kids, but I managed to act like an adult and behave.

As I said, we don´t have anything like this here in Norway. We can grow pumpkins here, and I remember my parents always made pickled pumpkin in the autumn growing up. But no pumpkin carving as we have no Halloween and no Thanksgiving. Well, the last couple of years Halloween has been introduced, but it isn´t like the real deal.

I didn´t even know how many different types of pumpkins there was, so much available at Linvilla Orchards.

I had such a great time there and when I finally could tear myself from all the pumpkins, it was time to visit the Garden Center & the Farm Market.

I didn´t take any photos from the Farm Market, totally forgot as I had difficult deciding what yummy bread and jam to buy and to look at everything they had for sale. Linvilla Orchards was just awesome.

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