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Loftet Gardsbutikk - a Farm Store & Cafe

Updated: May 5, 2019

Not far from where we live, there is this awesome Farm Cafe, Bakery & Interior shop named Loftet Gardsbutikk (

It is a fully operated Farm, and they use local produce in their dishes. They have yummy bread with cool names like The Tractor Bread and The Spring Farm Bread.

They started in 1999 and are very popular. Apart from the Bakery, cafe and interior shop, they also have some small concerts and other special events for Christmas, Easter, Fall and Spring/Summer. I love visiting these kind of Farm Cafes and small stores, as they are unique. The selection of interior pieces are often super cool and not easy to find other places. Often inspired by simple Farm life & a bit Shabby Chic/Vintage.

Often they also sell second hand items, homemade jam, lemonade, fudge and hand made candles.

If these type of Cafes & stores want to survive, they need to have a great Concept and deliver every time. In my mind, Loftet Gardsbutikk has a unique concept and they deliver again and again. The owners are so nice and so are the rest of the staff as well. And the bread, the food, the items for sale, all mixed together is what makes this place so unique. And that is also why their popularity are increasing.

Today I had my Coffee with a Raspberry Mousse (really yummy good) while enjoying the atmosphere after a bit of shopping.

I also love the bread they bake here and I always buy a couple with me when visiting. My favorite is The Tractor Bread. Really recommend visiting these types of cafes & stores if you have the possibility. You´ll find them in almost every Country and you may be surprised how great they are.

My sister and I dream to visit Chip & Johanna´s Silos in Waco Texas. And one of my favorite shops and Cafes in the USA are the Cracker Barrels.

But for now, I enjoy to have this great place so close to home and I hope to visit others during this summer.

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