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Meet our new family member

This little furball came to us in the beginning of May this corona year 2020 & we love her so much :-)

My husband and I have wanted a dog for many years, but we never had the time until this year and it had absolutely nothing to do with corona.

Her name is Uva, and she is a mix of 75% miniature Schnauzer and 25% Jack Russel and we think she is the cutest there is.

She was 8 weeks old when we picked her up from the Breeders and she looked so small and fragile. The first day we had to pick her up and put her down all over the house. She didn´t move at all :-) . But at day two she started to feel at home and was a little monster...HA..HA..HA

My husband and I love to ride the motorcycle, so we invested in a dog bag etc so Uva can join us. Below are pictures from her first trip.

Isn´t she a cutie in her new sunglasses ? :-)

She also have a fovourte place in the stairs where she can look out the window and pay attention on what is going on outside. She can sit there so quiet or do a vuff vuff when she sees our neighbours or someone else driving/walking past our house.

She is our little firball and we love her so much. Having a dog is both hard work and lots of fun, there is no regrets.

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