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Pioneer Woman Kitchen Towels

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I kind of fell in love with the Pioneer Woman´s Kitchen Towels the very first time I saw them at Walmart. We visit Walmart every time we are in USA as we do not have Walmart here in Norway. And there isn´t any store here either that sell the Pioneer Woman´s towels or anything else from this brand.

As I am addicted to kitchen towels, I often buy a set with me back home to Norway. I really like the colors, the patterns and the fabric as well. And I think they are very decorative too.

In the bowl on the below photo there is one set of two kitchen towels with the pattern

Mod Geo and one set of kitchentowels with the pattern Fall Flowers.

Below here is a stack of towels. Look at the great colors and the fun patterns on them. I start on the bottom. A set of two towels with the pattern Flea Market. On top of that there is a set of two towels with the pattern Leaf Scallop. Then a set of two towels with the pattern Vintage Floral and on top of those a set with the pattern Vintage Floral Geo. Then comes the set of two with the pattern Timeless Floral. Tha pattern Fall Flowers again, this time with the dotted towel facing up. The towel on the top is also a set of two towels with the pattern Mini Floral.

Look at the awesome colors on the set of four towels with the pattern Fiona Floral below. I mean they just put a smile on your face don´t they.

Typical spring/easter towels. These are sets of four towels. One set with the pattern

Spring Floral (on the right) and one set with the pattern Flea Market (on the left) Supercute to hang up in your kitchen for Easter. But I think they can be used year round.

This dotted red and white set of towels is in the pattern Dazzling Dahlias. There is one towel you dont see, and it is a beautiful feast of blue, red, green , yellow and white floral pattern.

Set of two towels in the pattern Vintage Geo. Mustard, wine red and burnt orange. A little color of teal as well. They really give a vintage feel. Perfect for Autumn.

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