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Refurbishing Our Dining Area

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I find it very difficult to find my style, probably because I "love everything", are you one of those too?

The picture below is from the Sales Brochure when we bought the house.

The wooden paneling on the walls was so badly done, it couldn´t be saved and I wanted smooth walls. So you start to tear down old walls to put up new.

This is our dining area today, it was ready Christmas 2017.

My wonderful husband built me this table. It is 2 1/2 meters long and 97 cm wide. He also built the bench to sit on with lots of storage. The large picture of the sheep I bought from a store called Kremmerhuset ( I love it.

Also want you to see this picture. The walls was dark, too dark for us, so we painted them white again. With white walls, I can splash out on colors if I want or keep it simple.

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