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Rockland Bakery

My first visit at the Rockland Bakery was like an adventure. My husbands aunt took me there super early in the morning and it was just awesome. They are located in Nanuet, New York just outside of New York City.

Since the first visit, it has been custom for us to visit every time we are in the area. The bread, the bagels, the cakes and cookies (and the best Boston Creme) is superb.

Visit for more information.

There is no way you won´t find anything you like. The smell of freshly baked is heaven and if you are a bread addict as I am, you want to move in there.

The staff has always been great and to me that is amazing, especially when it get crowded.

Behave when you visit, DO NOT TOUCH BREAD AND PUT IT BACK, I haven´t seen anyone doing that and I think most visitors are behaving civilized.

The selection of cakes and cookies in the store is jawdroppingly good, the only problem is to decide what to buy because you want to buy everything :)

This place is worth a visit, I don´t think there are many of these bakery's around. Can´t wait until next time, I just love visiting this place.

Bon Appétit

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