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Souvenir Shopping: Towels & Bowls

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Guess what kind of souvernirs I bring home. When I did my first travels in the early 80s, I used to buy the standard souvenirs avalable, you know the slightly tacky ones, many known as dust collectors. Ok, they are still available and many people like them so I will not point any finger. But I also bought a few things that I still have and actually use. And yes, they are kitchen towels & bowls.

Kitchen towels are my absolute favourite to buy. I never visit a Supermarket or Interior Store and not check out the kitchentowels they have. But I also buy bowls, cookie jars, paper napkins and other niknaks that I like.

The Towel below is the first towel I bought on my first trip to London UK many years ago. It is quite touristy, but I liked it and I still use it. It´s a little bit faded, but still superusable.

These days I buy a different type of kitchen towels. Cath Kidston is one favourite. And I love Pioneer Woman at Walmart. Linen towels are fantastic but pricy. Vintage French torchons is fab, but for drying the dishes I prefer terrycloth towels. All towels on the photos in this blog are mostly from my travels.

But what about bowls? When you travel couch as my husband and I do, there is a weight limit and size limit on your luggage. So really really large and heavy bowls is not an option. Below is the very first bowl I bought on a trip to London UK. A small bowl in quite fine china. I think it is a soup bowl, it was quite expensive and I bought it at Harrods. Still have it, hardly use it as my bowl style has changed completely. My favourite bowls today are from Mason Cash

( ) I love those bowls and I have a few. Perfect for baking, mixing and serving.

So, instead of shopping souvenirs that only end up as dust collectors or beeing binned, I reccomend kitchentowels. Most of them are very affordable except pure linnen towels, that can be pricy. They are also easy to pack, useable, decorative and you will probably remember where you bought them a few years down the line.


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