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Spring Break in NYC

My husband and I are just home from a wonderful spring break in New York. My husband has family in New Jersey, so we stay there when visiting. It was a wonderful week, with great conversations and laughs around the kitchen table, shopping and as usual a trip into Manhattan.

It was a bit chilly, but no rain on our Manhattan trip. A visit to Central Park where Cherry trees, Magnolia trees and Forsythia was blooming.

After strolling around in the Park, it was time to embrace oneself and visit 5th Avenue, packed whit tourists and Concept Stores squeezed in between the Designer Stores.

As cool as NYC is, it is packed with people and we hardly do any shopping there. Much better shopping in New Jersey :) Still, always fun to have a day and experience the atmosphere in The Big Apple.

For breakfast in New Jersey, we had Deers, Turkeys, Fox, Red Cardinals, Black Birds, Blue Jays and a lot of other birds, Chipmunks, Ground Hog, Squirrels and a Hare visiting during our week. Now isn´t that amazing.

You would´t believe we are close to New York City with all this wild life outside the door.

Finally, shopping is awesome here. As said, we shop mostly in New Jersey, it is cheaper than in NYC due to the Tax.

And guess what, Easter decor was on top of my list this year.Just a few Christmas items :)

Thank you for a wonderful week to our lovely hosts, we love you guys and are so looking forward to see you again.


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