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Spring is here

There is something very special when Spring arrives here where we live up at the Northern Hemisphere. After 5-6 months with limited daylight, snow and cold temperatures, it is like a colorful explosion of the flowers and the trees, the birds and the wild animals, the smells and sounds. Yes, Spring is here.

The cute yellow Coltsfoot (you may have a different name on this one) is the very first flower to appear here where we live. Followed by the White Wood Anemone. The Pussy Willows pops followed by the Birch trees. I jump of joy when I see the Rhubarb looking up and the birds playing and their behavior are just amazing.

Now, not everyone appreciate everything with Spring. People with pollen allergy is having a hard time, I have family members struggling with that and I feel so sorry for them.


White Wood Anemone

Branches of Pussy Willow


Rhubarb looking up

This Pied Flycatcher is having "Open House" for a possible mate (she was not impressed of the house I can tell you)

The Bullfinch male is sitting on a branch looking for a lady

The Chaffinch has found a Sunflower seed

A Squirrel looking for Sunflower seeds on the ground

A Pied Wagtail has arrived.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, for now I´m going to enjoy the spring and hopefully this spring evolves into a great summer.

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