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Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in America every year . They do celebrate Thanksgiving in other Countries, but the one in USA is the best known for me. Many people use it as a day to reflect on the positive things in life and spend time with their families. Nearly everyone gets one or two days off school or work, and it marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.

When it comes to my kitchentowels, I use the same colors as fall, orange, brown, red, yellow with some applique, print or embroidery if possible.

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway but I like the idea and think we should start to do it as well.

Today many takes everything for granted and think of themself as the most important in the Universe, so to step back and be gratefull over things in your live should be mandatory in my opinion.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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