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This Is Where It All Started

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

My "obsession" for kitchen towels started many years ago. I was just a kid when I started to be fascinated by them. But it was when I inherited a towel made by one of my great great great grandmothers, I really started to be interested.

The one I inherited was red and white with fringes and embroidery. I treasure this like others would treasure diamonds.

As I said, I was just a kid when I got interested. When I grew up, kitchen towels was something you "invested" in. It´s not like today where you can buy all kinds of towels. Back then they where often made of linen or quality cotton. Many embroidered their initials on them.

I often watched my grandmother and mother buy quality towels as gifts for very good friends or family. And the ones they had themselves was carefully washed and ironed. I don´t think many of my and coming generations are doing that.

Old quality towels are collector items today and can be really expensive. In Europe the French Torchon is very popular, but also very expensive.

No matter what your relationship is with the kitchen towel, we all have them and use them more or less on a daily basis. And it could be the most versatile item you have in your kitchen.

I suppose I am above average interested, I sure do like them and are always looking for the next special one.

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